Focusing on its recently established relationship with Lamborghini, Roger Dubuis released the Excalibur Aventador S. Codeveloped by Roger Dubuis’s designers and Lamborghini’s engineers, this exceptional timepiece is no ordinary auto-inspired watch. It has five high-performance features, each of which is patented. Most notably, its anti-gravity RD103SQ movement references the V10 or V12 engines of the Aventador S car and has a double 45-degree V-shaped angled balance wheel. Other new technology includes an autonomous stability program, which uses twin nonresonant doublesprung balance wheels; a weight-reduced mechanism, which replaces the entire gear train; and G-force anti-ejection reinforcement. The Excalibur Aventador S watch is crafted of C-SMC carbon and is 100 percent skeletonized, from case to movement, so you can marvel at these  innovations. It is finished with a black and neptune-blue strap.

$210,000, available at Roger Dubuis in New York, contact Marko Obrenovic, store manager,, +1 212 651 3773,

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