Amazing diamonds, technical mastery and pure artistry come together in this Graff haute joaillerie secret watch. Graff, purveyors of the finest stones in the world and masters of high watchmaking, brings its expertise to this beautiful floral arrangement of nearly 36 carats of perfectly matched colorless diamonds. The square case is outlined with a bezel of diamonds, and the dial is set with a subtle circular diamond motif. The incredibly decadent, yet feminine bracelet of diamonds and the sliding cover are set in a seemingly random arrangement of emerald-, cushion-, oval-, heart-, pear- and marquisecut diamonds. The mechanism that releases the lid to reveal the time was a particular challenge for the watchmakers, as it had to be nearly invisible. The solution: a 1.51-carat emerald-cut diamond button.

$400,000, available at Graff in New York, contact Eduard van der Geest, director of sales,, +1 212 421 3605,

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