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Land Rover Defender Road Trip

Set off on the ultimate road trip with a custom-built Land Rover Defender, the most iconic vehicle for the adventurous. This bespoke 4x4 has been completely overhauled by Bowler Motorsport (famed for creating powerful, indestructible 4x4s for the Dakar Rally) and is designed to tackle any environment.

Trailblazing through France, Switzerland and northwest Italy, you’ll see the commanding snowcapped peaks of the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso, as well as medieval castles and fortresses, including the 14th-century Castello Fénis and Castello di Verrès.

Momentum Adventure provide unrivaled access to Unesco World Heritage Sites and a wealth of one-of-akind activities, including hiking into the most remote areas of Gran Paradiso National Park and a surprise experience that only Momentum’s guides are legally allowed to perform due to the area’s protected nature.

You’ll then motorbike up to a secluded mountain lake near Gran San Bernardo, followed by a trip to abandoned Roman mountain passages that only you and your guide have exclusive access to. Here, you’ll find incredible hideaways built by master craftsmen in beautiful, remote locations.

The whole trip is professionally filmed, photographed and documented by the founder of Momentum Adventure, Matthew Robertson, giving you a one-of-a-kind momento from your trip of a lifetime.


France, Italy, Switzerland


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From $55,000 per person

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Land Rover Defender Road Trip

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