Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Camping may evoke memories of flimsy tents, damp forest floors and a series of never-lighting campfires, but if you decide to visit the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, in the Unesco-designated Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve, you’ll find all the goodness of camping, just with a more palatable and luxurious edge. Guests stay in tents decked out with comfy beds, sofas, woodstoves and vintage oil lamps. Clayoquot offers the chance to partake in breathtaking outdoor activities, including bear- and whalewatching, helicopter adventures (think heli-fly-fishing, yoga on top of the 3,000-ft-tall Clayoquot mountain and dining experiences). The Reserve is one of the last remaining ancient temperate rainforests on earth, and Clayoquot is a true example of a resort embracing its environment rather than dictating it.

Luxury Waterfront Ensuite Tents from $2,200 per night. Contact Antonella Puglisi, general manager,, +1 888 333 5405,

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