Gift Guide for Techies

Audio Consulting R-evolution Meteor – Stealth Turntable

While the R-evolution Meteor’s main attraction is its beautiful platter made from wood that has been dried for at least 20 years, the technology hidden away in this turntable is also second to none. Powered by a singular battery (to prevent electrical surges that can damage the turntable’s delicate electronics), the Stealth features an active vibration control system normally used in electron microscopes. A truly groundbreaking piece for audiophiles with deep pockets.

Blinq Smart Ring

Fine jewelry meets futuristic tech with this amazing ring. The Blinq Smart Ring comes with all the features you’d expect from a piece of wearable tech – notifications alerts and fitness tracking, but it also includes a panic button. Available in six stone and metal combinations, the Blinq ring truly is one of the best looking pieces of wearable tech we’ve seen in years.

From $119,

Master and Dynamic MW50

Bringing together functionality with aesthetic, Master and Dynamic’s wireless MW50 headphones are built with the finest materials possible, including an exposed aluminium antenna providing fantastic pairing with your laptop or smart phone. The drivers come are made from beryllium giving these cans some brilliant acoustics.


Leica APS-C CL

2017 has been the year of the mirrorless camera. Sitting comfortably between an SLR and a point and shoot, mirrorless cameras offer the portability of a smaller camera with the image quality of an SLR. Featuring an electronic viewfinder meaning the image you see is what the final picture will look like. Meaning no more over-exposed holiday pictures.


Samsung R070 Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaners are one of the greatest presents you can give. They’re cheaper (and more reliable) than a cleaner and the new Samsung R070 is one of the world’s best. Featuring sensors that map rooms, a small brush that extends out from the body to collect dust and dirt close to walls and the chance to control it by Alexa, this gadget will make your life that bit easier.


Ruark Audio R7 MK III

Featuring a built in radio, bluetooth receiver, CD player and wi-fi streaming capabilities, the Ruark R7 is everything you need in one great looking package. You can even mount the R7 under your TV turning it into a soundbar.



Astell & Kern Layle II

Named after the Eric Clapton song, these Astell & Kern headphones are without doubt some of the best you can find on the market. Handcrafted in Florida, each earphone features 12 small speakers as well as an adjustable bass response (you can tune the bass up from 0dB right through to +13dB at 60Hz), meaning you can finally have hifi quality audio on the move.


Videodrone X4S

Fitted with a compact Sony RX1R2 (a top of the line point and shoot camera worth over $4,000) the Videodrone X4S really is one of a kind. Featuring an impressive 50 minute flight time and a flight planning software that lets you plan autonomous flights, the X4S has enough on offer to impress professional photographers and gadget-lovers alike.


Sony LSPX-W1S Projector

When it comes to short-throw projectors, the Sony LSPX-W1S is one of a kind. Capable of projecting a 147 inch 4K picture, the LSPX-W1S has two inbuilt speakers and two sets of storage, making it a practical and


Gold Plated Apple iPhone X

What better way to improve this year’s must-have cell phone than by adding some gold plating. Including all the features you come to expect from Apple’s ten year anniversary device (face recognition security, an improved screen and camera, a faster processor and a completely glass construction) just with a sleek gold plating around the phone’s frame, taking the phone to new luxurious heights.


Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile

Utilizing noise cancellation and a 1080p display, the Royole Moon is a personal virtual theater allowing users to view both 2D and 3D video in a immersive setting. You can play video either through the headset’s inbuilt HDMI port or by downloading it to the 36GB memory.