An Inside Look at CIRCA – The Jewelry Buying Company

Established in 2000, CIRCA is the preeminent buyer of jewelry, diamonds and watches with 14 private offices throughout North America, Western Europe, and Asia.

Renowned for its expertise and courteous, discreet service, CIRCA has redefined the client experience when selling jewelry, diamonds, and watches that clients are ready to move on from.

CIRCA’s professional buyers graduate from a rigorous training program before they begin meeting with clients to ensure the highest standard and expertise in the jewelry industry.

Each CIRCA buyer approaches a one-carat diamond engagement ring with the same attention to detail as an entire estate of jewelry.

Thousands of pieces of fine jewelry and watches come through CIRCA’s offices each month, allowing for a clear understanding of each items value.

With each item, CIRCA’s specialists account for the maker, vintage, condition, quality, and style of the pieces, and pay significantly more than one might expect. Over 60 percent of CIRCA’s clients are repeat and referral, a testament to the outstanding value and expertise CIRCA offers.

Meet the Co-founder, Jeffrey Singer

Jeffrey Singer’s encyclopedic knowledge of jewelry and watches is legendary, but it is his unbridled enthusiasm for the subject matter that’s so infectious. Singer comes from a long line of jewelers, and his childhood was spent looking at and studying precious pieces.

When CIRCA opened in 2000, the goal was this: Give clients a way to sell their unwanted jewelry by providing unparalleled service, total discretion and a luxurious environment. “We are her to inform educate and to give our clients the best possible experience. I never tire of looking at jewelry,” says Mr. Singer.

To Contact CIRCA New York or to make an appointment please email or call at 1-212-486-6013. To find out more about CIRCA and the items they purchase, please visit