Year Zero London Launches The Iconic Power Rangers Lux Collection

Year Zero London, the independent free-spirited fashion brand, launches its iconic Power Rangers Lux Collection today. The team at Year Zero London – the Mazzilli family’s Louise, Tatum and Rocky – has been working on the iconic Power Rangers Lux Collection over the last few months and the range will be available in its store on Beak Street, as well as throughout key concept stores throughout the world.

Power Rangers and Year Zero London embody the same spirit, energy and beliefs that focus on being bold, being fun, being dynamic and, above all, being individual.

Rocky Mazzilli said: “We feel blessed to be able to indulge our fantasy, and work with our favourite cult superheroes. Their style bible is inspirational: the amazing symbols, animals from the Megaforce, the Super Samurai Rangers and the primary colours are all fantastic to work with. This has allowed us to develop a range which is dynamic and has a life of its own. We have had great fun bringing the spirit of these Power Rangers to life.”

The collection contains fun and cheeky hand silkscreened glow in the dark t-shirts with the slogan “Power Rangers do it better”; others with applique PVC sharks, tigers, dragons, cobras and phoenixes, all super-sized!

The collection also includes some truly stunning conversation pieces of jewellery, snapbacks and beanies. Using the powerful motifs of the Power Ranges, and materials such as acrylic and crystals, the range is inventive, powerful and statement-making.

Mazzilli continued: “We have been inspired by this collection because our clients, like the Power Rangers, are confident, autonomous and adventurous, rebels with free spirits and citizens of the world. As part of our ongoing mission to lead the fashion revolution, we are proud and elated to have launch this collection which is bright, bold and beautiful.”

(Source: Year Zero London)