Wellendorff Boutique Coming To Japan

After launching twelve boutiques in Germany, Vienna, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Peking, San Francisco and Las Vegas, the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory is now strengthening its presence in the Japanese market. The first Wellendorff boutique in Japan will open its doors on 2nd October at the exclusive address of “The Ritz Carlton Hotel Tokyo”. Discerning jewellery enthusiasts will soon be able to discover the made in Germany craftsmanship of the family firm from the “Gold City” of Pforzheim in the vibrant Japanese metropolis.

“It was whilst I was on honeymoon that I learned to appreciate and love this wonderful country which places as much importance on craftsmanship, precision and perfection as we do. Since then, I have always had the vision of finding a home for Wellendorff in this city marked by progress, high-tech and a wide variety of cultures“, explains Christoph Wellendorff when asked about the new boutique in the exclusive Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Tokyo.

The design of the boutique is true to the Wellendorff style: Bright, warm colours create a light, cosy atmosphere accentuated by strong unique tones and discreetly positioned floral patterns. Jewellery afficionados will feel quite at home in this charming atmosphere in which they can enjoy a whole range of 18-karat gold treasures. These treasures include the spinning Wellendorff rings, which combine gleaming enamel colours with gold and diamonds, the legendary Wellendorff rope in all its varieties, whose silky softness has been created by the hands of accomplished goldsmiths, and the Wellendorff amulet that embodies the philosophy of the company: Genuine Values – for a lifetime. This promise is symbolised by the Diamond W which is a guarantee of the excellent quality and outstanding creativity of the jewellery creations.

A central feature of the grand opening is a piece of jewellery dedicated by the Wellendorff family to the Japanese capital: The Tokyo Ring, which is available exclusively from the Japanese boutique. Made of 18-karat yellow gold and signed with the Diamond W, this ring features pink Wellendorff enamel and is decorated with engraved cherry blossoms, which lend the piece a romantic touch and recreate the charm of the over-300-year-old Japanese technique of ukiyo-e expressed in paintings and coloured wood-block prints.

(Source: Wellendorff)