Slyde by HD3

In 2008, Jorg Hysek and Fabrice Gonet, founders of the HD3 Swiss watch brand, dreamed about creating a timepiece that overturned all the rules of watchmaking.

The watch had to be a fusion between the latest technologies and the art of watchmaking, in order to open a new creative dimension in horology—a challenge never before achieved in the luxury watch industry. After three years of unique technological challenges, the SLYDE came spectacularly to life.

The SLYDE is a revolutionary watchmaking concept, combining a high-technology product and an Internet platform, enabling the watch to be personalized, while offering the opportunity to download new virtual movements. For the first time, a watch has adopted the basic principles of intuitive technology with unequalled simplicity and convenience and transported them into the world of 21st-century high-end watchmaking. The revolutionary display, equipped with a touch screen, enables the user to generate an infinite variety of timepieces on his wrist. This range of multiple watches-in-one has been made possible by creating top-quality virtual modules. Furthermore, the three-dimensional animation of the movements is governed by a micro-controller that screens between 30 and 60 images a second, for a stunningly realistic real-time display.

The SLYDE watch is made according to the traditional standards of top-grade Swiss watchmaking and is labeled “Swiss Made.”


“‘As a designer, the only thing that counts is freedom.’ After designing for many different prestigious brands in the Swiss watch industry, it was out of pure pleasure that I initiated HD3 with Fabrice Gonet. It is a new brand with which to enjoy the unhindered expression of our limitless creativity. Since its foundation, the HD3 brand continues to stand out from the world of traditional watchmaking by creating audacious timepieces that blend mechanical complexity and modern aesthetics. After a string of hugely successful, complicated timepieces, HD3 is continuing its innovative approach to design and giving a new direction to 21st-century watch creations, wonders with a futuristic look. Today, with the SLYDE watch by HD3, the subtle blend of fine watchmaking and high technology reveals the company’s ultimate quest for Future Time in Motion.”

Luxury Montres President & CEO, Johnny Wizman

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