Life Barter Kits

This story was hidden for over 70 years. It’s a story about The Value of Life and what that means.

In 1942 during the dark times of WWII, the value of life was reflected in a small rubber box called a Life Barter Kit. It was given to Navy airmen to help them in the event they crash land or parachute onto remote islands of the Pacific, where often they would need to have valuables in order to trade for food, information or their very lives.

Inside these Life Barter Kits were 24K gold valuables and a watch made by Milus. The discovery of this story came quite unexpectedly to Milus, as the Navy program was top secret at the time. It was in 2010 that Milus discovered that their Snow Star watch was involved in the Navy program developed to help save these young pilots’ lives.

Milus salutes and honors these brave young men, almost forgotten with the passage of time, whose incredible story is ironically brought back to light by a Swiss watch that was in their pockets 72 years ago.

Opposite Page: In celebration of the original watch found in the Life Barter Kits from 1942, Milus relaunches the Snow Star Heritage watch in red gold with an antique manual movement from circa 1940. The limited edition watch is restricted to 99 pieces worldwide.

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