Louis Moinet

Located in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland, the independent watch brand Louis Moinet specializes in the creation of high-end timepieces underpinned by the philosophy of limited-edition mechanical art, often featuring exotic materials and innovative technology.

Under the guidance of founder, CEO and creative director Jean-Marie Schaller, the brand is inspired by the passion and inventiveness of master watchmaker Louis Moinet (1768-1853), one of the greatest horologists of all time. Uniqueness, creative horology, art, design and exclusivity are at the heart of the brand today.

All of Louis Moinet’s timepieces are either limited editions or unique pieces, distinguished by a strong identity provided by Côtes du Jura guilloché dials, gouttes de rosée hands and distinctive cases with screwed bezels.

A signature feature of Louis Moinet creations is the use of extremely rare materials such as tropical fossilized palm wood, dinosaur bone, exotic meteorites hailing from the Moon or Mars and semi-precious stones, creating some of the most sublime and eye-catching dials to ever grace a timepiece.

Louis Moinet has consequently won several international accolades, including no fewer than four Red Dot Design Awards. Louis Moinet timepieces are also the subject of numerous patent applications to protect the brand’s acclaimed technical innovations.

CEO Jean-Marie Schaller