Christophe Claret


Christophe Claret

For over 20 years, the Claret Manufacture has been designing, developing and producing highly complicated watch movements for the most prestigious brands.

It was not until 2009 and the launch of the extraordinary DualTow that the public at large finally discovered the talent of Christophe Claret, an exceptional watchmaker. The Christophe Claret brand now belongs to the exclusive circle of independent watch manufacturers capable of mastering the entire production process of haute horlogerie watches—from the original idea through to final adjustments. The collection comprises three lines: The Haute Horlogerie line composed of oneof- a-kind creations and striking watches (Adagio and Westminster models); the X-TREM watches, a collection that aims to explore fields of research rarely or never applied to watchmaking until now (DualTow and X-TREM-1 models); and the Playful line with the 21 Blackjack and Baccara watches, which matches grand complications with the world of gaming.




“I’ve been fascinated by watchmaking since childhood and especially by the idea of creating innovative movements. It was with this in mind that I created my very own Manufacture in 1989. Since inception, I have sought to inspiremystaff to cultivate a spirit of initiative, innovation and perfectionism.We have not only created movements, including many world firsts, but also machines—developed with several machine manufacturers—that are several years ahead of the market.

After crafting 65 different calibers for major Swiss brands, I decided to launch my own brand in time with the Manufacture’s 20th anniversary. Having my own brand enables me to fully explore various timepiece concepts stemming from my own creative drive, and to leave my own personal imprint on the timepieces I create. The adventure of having my own brand is a tremendous challenge, and I have taken on new staff to develop my brand coherently.

Naturally, I still aim to continue developing and making movements for other brands, as well as developing the Christophe Claret brand on an international level.”

Commercial Director Phil Ogle

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