Cofounders Nick And Giles English

Award-winning watch brand Bremont encompasses an air of quintessential Britishness derived from the background of cofounders and brothers Nick and Giles English.

Founded in 2002, the brand’s philosophy was inspired by the siblings’ late father and their lifelong love for aviation and flying. Their range of masterful timepieces is hand-assembled by skilled watchmakers in the UK atelier, using only the finest quality British components and Swiss movements. All Bremont timepieces are tested above and beyond the demands placed upon conventional wristwatches, withstanding extreme conditions that explorers and pilots have put to the test. It’s that durability that makes Bremont watches a timeless treasure worthy to be handed down from generation to generation.




“At Bremont, we pride ourselves on our customer-focused ethos and tremendously value the relationship we have with Bremont owners around the world. We only make limited numbers of watches each year and every watch is independently COSC-tested and chronometer-rated. Only about three percent of Swiss watches are Chronometer certified. Our movements are Swiss made to the highest grade of finish but we try to engineer, make and design as much as possible in the UK, where we finish all our cases and carry out assembly. Britain has a rather special history in watch and clock making and we are proud to be part of its revival. A mechanical watch is inherently complicated but we have complete confidence in our product and we are one of the few companies to offer a three-year warranty on all our watches. We hope that this gives all our customers peace of mind when purchasing a Bremont timepiece.”

US Brand Director Michael Pearson

(855) 273-6668