The House of Bovet Settles At Iconic Asprey Boutique

It is on the 1st of May 1822 in London that the name of the Bovet House was registered for the very first time.

Nearly two centuries later, Bovet is pleased to announce the signature of a highly symbolic partnership with the Asprey House that shares the same culture of true luxury and values underlined by the extraordinary longevity of both Houses.
Asprey was founded in 1781 and has established its reputation over the generations into the  nest British luxury goods House and has been granted with a Royal Warrant by the Queen Victoria in 1862.

With a long standing heritage in clocks and watches, Asprey continues with BOVET timepieces to present a unique and  nely crafted selection of timepieces within Asprey’s timepiece portfolio. BOVET timepieces are characterized by an unparalleled level of technical and chronometric quality. Bene ting from more than 192 years of expertise and know-how in Haute Horlogerie, the artisans of BOVET 1822 are renowned for the mastery of their art, which  nds expression particularly in the exceptional  nishes and decorations of every component of a movement.

BOVET 1822 collections, consisting of masterpieces manufactured in discretionary quantities and numerous unique pieces,  nd with this boutique a showcase, entirely dedicated to BOVET, of rare elegance entirely in keeping with the essence of the Swiss manufacturer’s timepieces. Collectors will and within Asprey’s boutique a wide and complete range of the 2014 latest collections in a setting where timeless classicism with modernism in a unique style offers an ideal scenery to collectors wishing quietly to uncover the most sophisticated mechanisms, embellished by engravings or miniature painting that have underpinned the reputation of the House of BOVET since 1822.

(Source: Bovet)