MEMORIS – Welcome to our world

MEMORIS_LM-54.50.80_FACEA spectacular, contemporary design

Featuring 147 components in the chronograph and 155 more in the automatic movement, the innovative nature of MEMORIS resides in having distinguished these two functions. For the first time ever, the entire chronograph has been positioned at the top of the watch, with the automatic part located beneath the plate.

In putting the chronograph function before the watch function like this, MEMORIS can properly be considered as the first «chronograph-watch».

The column wheel

The MEMORIS column wheel features two components that are indexed to each other:

– Six columns on the top section;

– A cog base on the lower section

While this bottom cog may look inconsequential, it is nonetheless vital: it ensures perfect positioning of the column wheel and controls its rotation, interacting with the control hook spring and jumper.

Between them, the six columns orchestrate the functions required for the chronograph to work, together with the minutes hammer, blocking lever and clutch.

The column wheel really is the heart and soul of MEMORIS.

MEMORIS_LM-54.50.80_CASEBACKA high-performance winding system

«Energie Plus» is an ingenious system that improves the winding performance of the automatic movement by some 30% (*). An eccentric plate equipped with two pawls allows the rotor movement to be used in both directions, resulting in minimum excess travel. A special ‘crab claw’ spring coordinates the entire process.

(*)Compared with the same movement without the «Energie Plus» system.

The universal monopusher

When it comes to complications, the chronograph is the timepiece that provides the wearer with the most interaction.

MEMORIS offers unrivalled pleasure in this respect, because it’s so thoroughly visual. With a single gentle touch on the monopusher, a unique performance unfolds before your eyes.  All of the components of the chronograph – yokes, clutch, hammers, column wheel, springs and cogs – are set in motion, responding to one another as they serve their ultimate purpose: measuring a specific time.

It’s remarkable to note that in spite of their extreme complexity, all these operations are managed by a single monopusher, controlling all three chronograph functions.

An exceptional case

MEMORIS offers a whole new look. Its 46 mm case is curved, and features a unique waterproofing system. Emblazoned with the Louis Moinet signature, its lugs boast four black zircons and screwed settings. Another elegant and subtle detail: the two «chevé» concave sapphire crystals.

MEMORIS is available in three limited editions of 60 pieces each, in rose gold and white gold.

Tradition and innovation

Heralding the bicentenary of this invention, Ateliers Louis Moinet are proud to present MEMORIS, the first chronograph-watch.