MB&F Goes Mega

By Emily Saladino

Face of MB&F's Red Gold MegaWind

Face of MB&F’s Red Gold MegaWind

The iconic HM3 is reengineered with a giant, 22K gold and titanium rotor.

Called MegaWind, MB&F’s new timepiece has an asymmetrical case comprised of some 50 parts, including a bevelled rotor display crystal, integrated lugs and bespoke gold screws. Its namesake rotor powers paper-thin, aluminum cones that rotate within gold and sapphire crystal frustums. The cones serve as time indicators, with oversized numbers denoting hours and minutes.

Like HM3, MegaWind’s complex engine consists of more than 300 components, and was designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, winner of the inaugural award for Best Watchmaker at the 2007 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

MegaWind is available in red gold with a 22k red gold rotor, or a white gold option with a sky-blue, 22K gold rotor.