Maurice Lacroix Launches "How-To" Campaign

Maurice Lacroix announced its new communications campaign: How-To, this campaign is an innovative and progressive way of showcasing its watches, their complications and how they work by revealing them in their own specific environment.

These eight informative videos show the watches presented by a watchmaking professional, accompanied by superb atmospheric photos.

In these eight videos, lasting from one to two and a half minutes, the brand’s key timepieces are presented and handled. With the help of a voice-over and a montage of close-ups and wide- angle  shots, emphasized by graphic inserts, the functions of each  watch are clearly explained.  One of the innovative features of these videos is their unique framing, a subjective view that only shows the hands, watch and its decor, so that viewers may easily imagine themselves wearing the watch on their wrist and understand the functions of the product.

With this new communication campaign, Maurice Lacroix confirms its status as an innovative brand and highlights its passion for progress, adding a new, strong chapter to its history.

(Source: Maurice Lacroix)