Louis Moinet Unveils the Backstage Story of its Baselworld Novelty – Episode 1

Each time Louis Moinet start to work on a new timepiece, the first question is always the same: would Louis Moinet be happy with it, and proud of it? And if they’re not absolutely sure that the answer is a resounding yes, they don’t go ahead.

Today, they are on the verge of writing a great new chapter in the history of Louis Moinet, with a magical timepiece – invoking the same muse as the founder. A timepiece that could stand as one of Louis Moinet’s lifetime achievements. A chronograph that stands in the same tradition as the 1816 piece – ranking right at the top of the pyramid of watchmaking’s best complications.

For this piece, Louis Moinet have faithfully followed the watchmaking guidelines laid down in Moinet’s original magnum opus.

According to Monsieur Delmas, vice-president of the Société Chronométrique de Paris in 1853, “Louis Moinet’s Traité d’Horlogerie is the most comprehensive, best-written and most indispensable of all the watchmaking books ever written.”

“Superficial beauty does not always stand the test of time”

“No true artist can ever remain behind his time”

“Finally, we make no claim to outdo the future”

(Source: Louis Moinet)