Manero Tourbillon Limited Edition Wins the Austrian Chrono Award

Carl F. Bucherer wins Austrian Chrono AwardIn view of its complexity and mechanical sophistication, the tourbillon is regarded as one of the greatest challenges and as the supreme discipline in the art of watchmaking.

Now, the Manero Tourbillon created and manufactured in-house by Swiss watch brand Carl F. Bucherer has won the Austrian Chrono Award, underscoring its status as one of the world’s most beautiful watches.

The production of a tourbillon is technically very complex, and for this reason there are only a few watchmakers in the world who are able to realize this complication. For all who love this traditional masterpiece of the art of watchmaking, Carl F. Bucherer presents the Manero Tourbillon Limited Edition. The concept of the tourbillon was first developed as long ago as the end of the 18th century.

Its function is to compensate for the errors in accuracy of a mechanical watch that are caused by the effects of gravity. As a result of the different positions of the watch on the wearer’s wrist, gravity affects how quickly or slowly the balance wheel moves. In order to minimize this influence, a rotating cage was designed to house the balance wheel. This device makes it possible for the balance wheel and escapement to rotate around themselves – making them independent of the position of the watch.

The Verdict: Outstanding

At the presentation ceremony for the 11th annual Chrono Awards in Vienna, the Manero Tourbillon won a very special honor: the limited model took (1st/2nd/3rd/4th etc.) place in the First Class category from 25,000 euros and upward. The Chrono Award is Austria’s only watch event that categorizes the models submitted not in terms of style but price segment. Every year it presents awards to the most beautiful watches in six categories. The results are decided by readers of two Austrian magazines, FORMAT and trend, who this year chose their favorite models from the 130 different watches submitted.

A Watch of Extraordinary Value

The high level of exclusivity of the Manero Tourbillon Limited Edition is ensured by the strictly limited edition, with only 188 of these prestigious timepieces available worldwide. With this new model from the Manero Collection, Carl F. Bucherer has succeeded in creating a watch to delight all connoisseurs who value traditional watchmaking artistry combined with optimum functionality, presented in a classic yet impressive exterior.
The Manero Tourbillon Limited Edition is a watch that more than earns the title of a “timepiece of extraordinary value”.