Making Light and Money from the Swiss Currency Crisis

Yvan Arpa may best known for using salvaged steel and coal from the RMS Titantic to launch a tribute watch when he was CEO of Romain Jerome. He also produced a tourbillon watch, a complication designed to improve accuracy of mechanical watch timekeeping, with no hands.


Since launching his own company Artya he has presented electrocuted steel cases, dials decorated with the wings of real butterflies and others incorporating spent bullet cases.


Taking a different approach to protest the move last with by the Swiss National Bank to let the national currency rise against the Euro, today Arpa released Bye Bye Euro 2, a follow-up to his 2011 version, decorating the dial with the pan-European currency after a proper shredding.


Asked if he planned to offer a Swiss Franc version, the every ready Arpa simply said, “Why not. My Russian customers are ordering the Bye Bye Ruble.”


On a serious note, the price is CHF 5,900. In other words, Swiss Francs thank you.