Luxury Watches Inspired by the Animal Kingdom

9th January 2020 // By Roberta Naas

Graff, Gyrocraff Endangered Species

This year, Graff unveiled five unique GyroGraff Endangered Species watches that celebrate animals listed under the threat of extinction by the World Wildlife Fund. This panda dial is created using a technique of diamond and metal marquetry. The artisan combines mixed cuts and shapes of polished gold and diamonds, and hand-sets them individually to form the panda, leaving room for the 3D moonphase and the complicated GyroGraff double-axis tourbillon. In total, there are 112 individual parts positioned against a blue aventurine backdrop. The 48mm case is bedecked with invisibly set baguette-cut diamonds in a mosaic motif.

Price on request, 18K white gold, Graff in New York, +1 212 421 3605,

Vacheron Constantin, Les Mécaniques Sauvages Majestic Tiger

A bold tribute to the animal kingdom, this magnificent dial is created using wood marquetry and sculptural engraving. The tiger comes to life thanks to bas-relief engraving, with every stripe, hair and facial expression individually hand-carved. Different surfaces and finishings, including matte, polished, satin-brushed and black oxidation, were used to achieve the perfect look. Just creating the threedimensional tiger took more than 60 hours. The lush fall foliage in the background uses more than 200 hand-cut veneers in a host of different colors and types. Hours, minutes, day and date are displayed via four apertures.

Price on request, 18K white gold, Vacheron Constantin in New York, +1 212 317 8964,

Jaeger-Lecoultre, Master Grand Tourbillon Enamel

This autumnal scene of graceful herons in and above a marsh with trees and mountains in the background is created using a complex and time-consuming grand feu enamel process, which takes a single artisan more than 80 hours to complete. A gold dial coated in white enamel serves as a blank canvas. Then, a master enameller hand-paints successive layers of enamel, with repeated firings at every level, to ultimately arrive at the perfect colors. Finally, up to eight layers of protective coating are added, and the case is set with 94 diamonds.

$253,000 in 18K white gold, Jaeger-LeCoultre in New York, +1 646 828 4328,