Legendary Watchmaker Dominique Loiseau Dies

gp_loiseau_jan11_2Master watchmaker Dominique Loiseau has died aged 64, leaving behind a legacy of mechanical masterpieces, including the famed Blancpain 1735 wristwatch.

A legendary figure in the watchmaking industry, the French watchmaker created the Renaissance and Capriccio pocket watches, the Rose des Temps clock, the six Montres de Sables and the Alpha-Omega automaton.

In 2012, Loiseau announced a collaboration with Swiss watch manufacturer Girard-Perregaux. He also taught at the Musée International d’Horlogerie in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

The announcement from Atelier Loiseau, co-founded by Loiseau , said: “The watchmaking world has lost a visionary and creative genius who had imagined and created mechanical masterpieces which revolutionized and inspired contemporary Haute Horlogerie.”

Atelier Loiseau was created to transmit and perpetuate the watchmaker’s talent, his spirit and technical virtuosity in manufacturing complicated Haute Horlogerie timepieces.

“During the last months of his life, his precarious health deteriorated enough to gradually keep him away from his workbench where he loved to practice his talent with passion,” Atelier Loiseau added in the announcement.

“Thanks to such legacy, made of a unique know-how as well as certain unpublished developments, the Atelier Loiseau will pursue Dominique’s work and continue to create exceptional and ingenious mechanical marvels, so to perpetuate his name, synonym for a different watchmaking art which, in this XXI century beginning, tends to disappear.”