A Master Watchmaker Returns to the Industry: Dominique Renaud joins HYT

HYT CEO Vincent Perriard announced his decision to progressively introduce watchmaking teams and workshops into HYT’s new Neuchatel premises, a gain in both independence and mastery for HYT.

The significant partnership with Dominique Renaud will allow both parties to further explore their passion for fine watchmaking and technology of fluids bringing evolution and new developments to the industry. To this effect, Dominique Renaud’s mandate will be to lead HYT’s Fine Watchmaking department and Special Projects in Neuchatel.

HYT also continues to invest heavily in its niche and exceptional R&D 5 year programme hand in hand with Dominique Renaud thus allowing the young Swiss company to continue to bring ground breaking innovations to the industry whilst keeping a firm grip on its production line and the watchmaking profession as a whole. HYT has many patents under application through its close partnership with Preciflex, the exclusive developer of HYT’s liquid movements.

Spread amongst engineers, chemists, marketing, sales and production, HYT and Preciflex now count a staff force of more than 33 people, a number that will increase in Q4 2014 as HYT and Master Watchmaker Dominique Renaud begin to build HYT’s new team of Watchmakers.

Vincent Perriard announced ‘We have some innovational ideas under development, advancements that will bring much more power to the motorisation of HYT’s movements. This in turn will allow us to introduce even more complications that unite mechanics and liquid in one wristwatch’.

HYT’s alchemists of the extreme are only at the beginning of their hydromechanical horology exploration.

(Source: The Hydro Mechanical Horologists)