The Stellar Camera by Hasselbland

Stellar Camera / HasselbladThe Stellar is the new star of Swedish-based camera manufacturer Hasselblad. Stylish elements by way of the company’s design center in Italy include six unique handcrafted wood handles and two varieties of naturally tanned fine leather.

The Stellar’s compact aluminum body packs advanced digital technology, including a high-speed Carl Zeiss zoom lens, which enables novices and aficionados alike to powerfully capture beautiful images. Sweep Shooting creates a panoramic picture while you move the camera across your subject. Two automatic modes—Intelligent and Superior—ensure that no memorable moment goes missing. Globetrotters take note: A fast focus, quick-capture speed, full HD 1080/60p video capability, and a wide range of intuitively organized manual operations make the Stellar especially well suited for travel. A generous three-inch LCD screen makes framing perfect shots easy and accurate, and fits comfortably in-hand and in pocket. The bespoke styling of three special edition cameras—black with carbon fiber grip, orange with wenge grip, and white with a padouk grip—set you apart, fittingly among the jetsetter crowd. (The standard Hasselblad Stellar is $1,995, the Hasselblad Stellar Special Editions are $3,250.)

Michael Hejtmanek at Hasselblad Bron, Inc.

(800) 367- 6434