The ROLAND ITEN "Recoil" Mechanical Credit Card Holder

The seriously playful “Recoil” RCD82 Mechanical Credit Card Holder features a patent-pending spring steel, tension-controlled recoil mechanism, and patented sorting lever allowing the user to neatly display and gain easy access to six of their most important credit cards via a simple one-handed action.

The cascading display of cards collapses back inside the case using the same smooth one-handed action.

When the two 5N red gold buttons, located on either side of the sleek case, are pressed simultaneously with the thumb and middle finger, the holder’s internal carriage is discharged. The index finger slides the carriage

45 degrees, fanning the cards up and out of the carriage for easy handling.

When the index finger is released, the carriage returns automatically back inside the holder via the powerful spring-steel recoil mechanism located on the holder back.

The smooth one-handed operation is completed in a matter of seconds.

This precision instrument also features four sapphire glass windows framed in 5N red gold, placed strategically on the titanium front plate to allow a clear view of the credit cards inside.

Visible at the bottom of the lower window, a row of 10 scintillating diamonds both catch the eye and indicate that the “Recoil” card holder is closed. The diamonds disappear when the lever is activated and the cards fan open.

The graceful, curved recoil mechanism takes centre stage on the holder back, and is surrounded by the guilloche-engraved back plate made from ultra light aluminium.

Made entirely in Switzerland on watchmaking machinery and boasting haute horlogerie fine finishing, the RCD82 features contrasting satin-finished and polished surfaces, which provide luxurious texture and tactile pleasure.

And the RCD82 is not just about elegant aesthetics and clever engineering: It also addresses important credit card security considerations: The holder’s titanium and aluminium walls not only protect your credit cards against bending or damage but also shield your cards from radio waves, safeguarding the data they contain from wireless card readers.

The RCD82 “Re-coil” Mechanical Credit Card Holder is available in two limited editions:

– 41 pieces in natural titanium/aluminium with 5N red gold

– 41 pieces in black-treated titanium/aluminium with 5N red gold.

(Source: Roland Iten)