The Lost Fragment Unveiled in London’s Berkeley Square

LF2By Alice Manly

The Lost Fragment was unveiled by Based Upon in the heart of London last week. Situated in Berkeley Square. The beautiful and thought provoking sculpture is a sharp reminder of the conflict between the human and natural world. Made from stone and bronze, the sculpture questions whether man’s early steps towards localisation as mankind began to make and trade created a fissure in man’s connection with nature’s wholeness.

A closer look at the complex join between the bronze and the stone allows the viewer can see imperfections: are humans’ attempts to fix the cracks in nature futile?

LFThe work is Based Upon’s second public sculpture and was conceived and made in the Isle of Skye. Poignantly, the sculpture’s arrow-like shape is directed towards its birthplace. In many ways this theme of displacement and homecoming is reminiscent of Stonehenge, one of the earliest civilized structures, where the stone was transported from over 140 miles away.  The ancient people of Skye held beliefs that the Isle’s timeless rocks retained the stories and spirits of their ancestors, providing a gateway to truths which transcend the preoccupations and concerns of the modern age.

There is an exhibition which Based Upon will run alongside and the sculpture at The Gallery, Leica, in Mayfair. In order to build on the theme of the conflict between the natural world and human development, guests will be invited to select a piece of rock to take away. This symbolic act echoes the way mankind is destroying the natural world

The sculpture and exhibition, in Creative Director Ian Abell’s words, “mourn the loss of all that is ancient”.

To see find out more about this thought provoking piece of art visit the interactive film instillation at the exhibition in Mayfair, which is currently on until the 29th July.