The GRAFF Difference: To Have and To Hold

GRAFF DiamondsGRAFF Diamonds, the creator of the world’s most extraordinary jewels, has unveiled a stunning collection of engagement and wedding rings. Diamonds are nature’s most perfect creation and through the exquisite selection of GRAFF only a selected few are chosen to represent a couple’s most precious moment.

In ancient Roman mythology, it is said that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds in order to conquer one’s love. What makes diamond so sought after and ultimately the symbol of love is that it is rare, everlasting and beauty in its purest form. When properly cut, a diamond has a unique ability to handle light and reflect it back in an explosion of sparkle and fire, so only the unparalleled GRAFF diamond engagement ring is the perfect witness to the testimony of an endless love.

A diamond engagement ring from GRAFF relies on stone-led craftsmanship, and is crafted by hand to cradle the diamond’s unique silhouette. There is no ‘one size fits all’ setting – this is the ‘Graff Difference’. While the unique ring represents the couple’s commitment and eternal love for each other, it also accentuates their personalities and individual styles.

Recognized as a world leader in jewelry-making, GRAFF creates each exquisite diamond ring with sublime elegance and timeless design aesthetics in mind, featuring legendary craftsmanship that combines magnificent diamonds with delicate and discreet prongs.

Master ring mounters at GRAFF ensure a stone is placed into its platinum mount so light can pass through it, amplifying the brilliance of its natural luminescence. Whether it is a traditional solitaire ring or an outstanding colored stone paved diamond ring set with top quality platinum, the GRAFF master craftsmen strive to bring each diamond to its full radiance, as the ultimate timeless symbol of commitment.

The romantic prelude to the vow of a lifetime, the engagement can only be complemented by the perfect diamond with legendary setting. It prompts Graff Diamonds, the visionary diamond extraordinaire, to celebrate the blissful moment with a collection of engagement rings featuring five unique settings inspired by some of its legendary stones, taking the pursuit of true beauty to a new level.

(Source: GRAFF Diamonds)