The CEO Workout


London, United Kingdom—Reported by Tom Oliver and Nathan Kelly for Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine

Wake up, shower, get dressed and jump straight into the car. At the office, after a 6 am conference call with company stakeholders based in Asia, you respond to urgent emails while eating a pastry and sipping coffee before your 7:45 am brief with senior managers.

Good health is an important part of staying at the top of the game for all CEOs

This pattern of meetings, conference calls, texts and emails continues until lunch, when it’s back into the car for two ‘off site meetings’ (with the sandwich-to-go and a quick update from the North American office supplied by the executive assistant). Finally, the day concludes with a Gala dinner—at which you must be seen—followed by a couple of polite excuses that should get you to bed by 1 am. Oh, and you better get ready to repeat the ordeal in four hours and counting. Welcome to the daily routine of a CEO.

Needless to say, this lifestyle can be hectic, full of pressure and hazardous to your health. Lack of sleep, long hours and a lot of sitting around make staying fit and healthy a genuine challenge. However, the need to maintain a good level of functional health is an important part of staying at the top of the game for all CEO’s.

Luckily we here at Tom Oliver Personal Training understand the give and take of being busy and staying fit and have thus developed a quick and (relatively) painless way to keep the pounds down and productivity up.