Style Guide: Mesmerizing Moonstone Jewelry

18th April 2019 // By Kristen Shirley

Moonstone’s adularescence (the light-scattering phenomenon that gives it that brilliant glow) is why the gemstone has been considered good luck for centuries — it was given its name because it resembles a full moon hiding behind a veil of clouds.

The silvery, pale-blue hue is mesmerizing, and there’s no size or placement of moonstone too insignificant.

Of course, moonstone surrounded by diamonds and sapphires make it shine even more.

Ray Griffiths

Necklace in 18K yellow gold and oxidized silver with 175 carats moonstone

Price: $5,930

Contact: Vincents Fine Jewelry in Pelham, New York, +1 914 235 5000,

Anna Hu

Ring in 18K white gold with 13.89 carats moonstone and 1.50 carats diamonds

Price on request


Katherine Jetter

Earrings in 18K white gold with 15.70 carats moonstone and .59 carats diamonds

Price: $10,120

Contact: Elizabeth Anthony in Houston, +1 713 622 1331,


Earrings in platinum and 18K white gold with 22 carats moonstone and .83 carats diamonds

Price: $25,000

Contact: Verdura in New York, +1 212 758 3388,

Oscar Heyman

Bracelet in platinum and 18K yellow gold with 138.21 carats moonstone, 4.12 carats diamonds, 3.97 carats sapphires and .54 carats fancy-yellow diamonds

Price: $180,000,

Contact: Oscar Heyman in New York,, +1 800 642 1912,

Munnu The Gem Palace

Bracelet in platinum with 28.27 carats moonstone, 16.19-carat sapphire and 8.31 carats diamonds

Price on request

Contact: Munnu The Gem Palace in New York, +1 212 861 0606,