Spin for Love with King Fook Jewellery’s 18K Horseshoe Pendant Necklace

king fook jewelry_King Fook Jewellery has launched an exquisitely crafted 18K white gold necklace paired with a  horseshoe pendant, called the “Spinning Secret”.

The retro design originates from Europe, where horseshoes are considered talismans that bring good luck.

There are six sparkling white diamonds on the horseshoe resembling the fitting nails, and held inside the arms of the shoe is a white gold disc that spins when tapped.

Each side of the disc is engraved with two letters: “L V” on one side and “O E” on the other. The word “LOVE” is viewable when the disc is spinning, with a ruby inside the letter O that further highlights the pendant.

Present this gift to your loved one this Valentine’s Day, or keep one for yourself and look forward to meeting the love of your life.