Sevenhugs – The World’s First Contextual Remote

191800-Sevenhugs_SmartRemote_whitelight-6fa287-original-1451565828First unveiled at CES, the Smart Remote from French start-up Sevenhugs have revealed the “world’s first contextual remote”, designed to streamline technology in the home.

The minuscule remote – around the same size as the original Apple TV remote – uses “indoor localization technology” to instantly recognize what it is being pointed at. Compatible with Philips Hue Lights, Sonos speakers and Nest Learning Thermostat, the Smart Remote boasts patent technology and comes with three connected sockets to allow the remote to locate itself within the home, as well as a changing base which can be mounted to a wall or placed on a hard surface.

191799-Sevenhugs_SmartRemote_speakers-50632e-original-1451565827“By 2019, the smart home market is expected to reach $28 billion, with more than 69 million homes connected worldwide,” said Simon Tchedikian, CEO & Cofounder, Sevenhugs. “Yet, the smart home technology fragmentation remains an obstacle with every connected object needing to be controlled by a dedicated smartphone application or a remote control. With the Smart Remote, you only need one solution to control everything in your home with just one touch.”

Functional, easy to use and intuitive, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote helps to streamline technology by transforming depending on what it is pointed at, in a world where our homes are becoming smarter than ever before.

The Smart Remote is currently in development and will be available for pre-order in Q1 2016, with estimated shipping in September 2016.