Rüdes’ New Classics

Rudesnew classics Image 1Jeffrey Rüdes, one of the men behind the premium denim craze of the early 2000s and the co-founder and former CEO of J Brand, is back with a new, eponymous menswear line, filled with luxurious basics.

While this, in itself, is not novel, his approach certainly is. Splitting the company between offices in L.A. and an atelier in Italy, the collection follows a ‘buy now, wear now’ ethos and can only be purchased at the SoHo boutique and on the website.

Rüdes has also decided to limit the number of silhouettes in each item and keep each item available year round. New fabrics and colors will be released each month, but there is no more guesswork – a customer can fi nd his perfect shape and update it every season. Instead of focusing on jeans, as one might expect, Rüdes has chosen jackets as the cornerstone of the collection. There is a strong emphasis on fi t and classic styles, each with an expert fi nish. Standouts include the signature single-breasted long coat and a timeless short leather jacket in a supple lambskin nappa.

Single-breasted long coat $2,800, leather jacket $2,400,