Reuge Creates Sculpture in Cincinatti

Reuge, the manufacturer of mechanical music boxes and singing birds have given again a testimony that a music box can / has to be “thinking outside the box”.

Proud of some 150 years of continued experience, Reuge has been approached by San Francisco based designer Scott Constable to create two sculptures for the City of Cincinnati / Ohio.

A music box for pedestrians to walk by and play by turning a handle. A music box of some four meters height. A hundred years ago, the Swiss had their music boxes at the train stations, today Cincinnati has them as a sculpture in the street.

Created with the Ste Croix based team with Nicolas Court, Cyril Glauser and Jean-Michel Bolens, the US manufacturer of Verdin (in charge for the structure), these two pieces have been officially inaugurated in the presence of the local government.

(Source: Regue)