Rare & Beautiful: David Webb

By Manon Crespi

He was once referred to as “the creative meteor about town,” which makes perfect sense having had such incredible clients as Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and the Duchess of Windsor. Sadly, though, like a bright star that passes through the earth’s atmosphere, David Webb’s light was cut short by cancer at the age of 50 back in 1975. The spirit of his jewelry, however, lives on.

He was born in Ashville, North Carolina in 1925, and at the age of 25 took his creative aspirations and southern sensibilities to New York City. Here, he opened his namesake storefront not far from the city’s diamond district. David Webb’s design aesthetic emerged through a combination of his own sense of style, his southern upbringing and an affinity for both world and ancient cultures.

David Webb 18K gold, platinum and black and white enamel Zebra bracelet with cabochon rubies and brilliant-cut diamonds, $69,500,

His signature enamel and precious gemstone animal bracelets, as well as his Art Deco, heraldry symbols and rock crystal pieces are still among David Webb fan favorites. Yellow gold, bold color and a modern take on classic forms is the David Webb way, a theme that has been carried on for the past 40 years.

With thousands of hand-drawn jewelry renderings and over 40,000 archived designs still in play, the soul of the David Webb jewelry brand continues to thrive. Every single David Webb jewelry piece comes from an original David Webb design, and is handmade above the Madison Avenue store. Enamel colors and gemstone choices change from time to time, but the actual design is original. Clients, too, can customize their David Webb piece by selecting their own enamel colors and gemstones.

Click through the gallery to see more of his jewelry and experience David Webb works of art in person at one of the two David Webb boutiques on Madison Avenue in New York and at the Beverley Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills, California, or visit the website.

David Webb 18K white gold and platinum Midnight earrings with faceted rock crystal and brilliant-cut diamonds, $46,500,