Princess Yachts’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition SEABOB

Princess X SEABOB Lady 65To mark Princess Yachts’ 50th anniversary, the superyacht builder has teamed with Cayago AG to launch two Limited Edition Seabob designs.

The stylish luxury sea toy is able to carry its user along the top of the water as well as allowing the user to dive below the water. The Seabob is described as “the world’s fastest water sled” by German manufacturers Cayago AG and by others as an underwater scooter.

Princess X SEABOB Cubic 65In time for boot Düsseldorf 2016 and the 50 year anniversary of Princess, the partnership starts with two specifically crafted SEABOB editions for Princess. The two $12,400 limited edition water toys created for Princess — Lady ’65 and Cubic ’65 — are ultralight and driven by highly efficient electric drive systems. High-quality components made of carbon, special ceramic coatings and seawater resistant precious metals ensure they are light weight. A description of the watercraft by the company says they can be lifted by a single person without assistance from the water, making an ideal accessory not only for larger yachts with lifting devices, but also for smaller boats.

Designed to manoeuvre on top of the water as well underwater, the vessel is suitable for sportsmen or people who just like to cruise. Underwater enthusiasts can dive up to 40 meters smoothly, allowing them to dive into completely new dimensions and discovering a fascinating underwater world.

The design incorporates an illustration by renowned artist Jaume Vilardell in the style of the 1960s, who was also commissioned by Princess Yachts to create the brand’s 50th anniversary campaign artwork. Bestowed with the Red Dot Award, the SEABOB has been designed with excellence.