Precious Posts Designer of the Month: Roberto Demeglio

  • Name: Amit Sofer
  • Title: Jewelry designer
  • Organization: Roberto Demeglio

Precious Posts is proud to bring you a world renowned jewelry designer each month. For April, we’re pleased to introduce you to Roberto Demeglio. Read on to learn what makes Roberto Demeglio jewelry so special.

“Roberto Demeglio was launched about three years ago by the Sofer Group, an established diamond and jewelry group,” said Amit Sofer.

“Roberto is a very unique individual,” says Amit. “The jewelry he creates is very different than what is seen in the marketplace today. Because of this, we wanted to offer his jewelry to the American jewelry lover. He’s very advanced in the way he work and designs. His designs are flexible and easy to wear.”

Amit says that the price points were also interesting. “Roberto offers a wide range of price points for his beautiful jewelry. He wants everyone to be able to afford a piece of his jewelry.” Roberto, a third generation jeweler, is from Valenza, Italy.

The backbone of almost all the jewelry that Roberto designs is a stainless steel coil. “It’s easy to get on and off,” says Amit. “It’s all flexible. Rings have a bit of stretch so easily fit over knuckles and if you wear a bracelet you don’t have to have a friend clasp it — it slides right on.”

Roberto’s manufacturing secret is the interior locking mechanism. “The stainless steel coil has a chain lock inside so it never loses elasticity. Robert uses the same locking mechanism for a piece that costs $300 as he does for a piece that costs over $250,000. He will not compromise quality on any piece.”

Roberto Demeglio’s price points begin at $228 with his Aura collection. The Aura collection is ceramic with gold overlay, a patented process. “The pieces won’t break, scratch or fade,” says Amit.

Three new collections recently debuted: Diva, Cashmere and Giotto. The Diva collection showcases stunning black and white ceramic diamond jewelry. The Cashmere collection has flexible cuff diamond bracelets from one to three inches wide containing 20 to 80 carats of diamonds. The diamonds are set so that the metal doesn’t show. The Giotto collection is made up of rings and bracelets that have a low profile; they sit close to the skin and feel like silk. Very soft, very easy to wear.

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