Precious Posts Designer of the Month: Jude Frances

  • Name: Jude Steele
  • Title: Jewelry designer

Provence CollectionPrecious Posts is proud to bring you a world renowned jewelry designer each month. For May, we’re pleased to introduce you to Jude Steele. Read on to learn what makes Jude Frances jewelry so special.

Originally founded in 2001, Jude Frances started with their signature hoop and charm earring concept, immediately taken by Neiman Marcus. Since then, the brand has developed a comprehensive line featuring necklaces, earrings and rings across several collections.  “The hoop and charm earring concept was created based on the idea of the female self-purchaser and collector. Each Jude Frances woman can collect and wear their jewelry in a unique way. They can mix and match their hoops and charms and create looks that are just as individual as they are” Jude Steele says.

Last year, Jude Frances saw the introduction of the Earring Charm Frames, adding to the ever popular hoop and charm earring concept. The combination of 18K gold and diamond hoop earrings with any number of charms create endless combinations and ways to wear the brand.

This year, the brand hopes to introduce even more classic and fashion forward collections in 18K gold, diamonds and semi precious stones.  “We are very excited to introduce our new fall collections including the Lisse, Grecian and Barcelona Collections” Jude Steele said.

Although some of the brand’s designs come in silver, the typically come in gold. “We favor 18K gold and diamonds with our signature brushed JFJ finish.

The collections are inspired by travel, cultures and different perspectives. “Our current collections are all names of places that have inspired us throughout the years” Jude Steele says. When approaching a new collection, she says they “generally like to find a motif from a region or travel destination that inspires. Then we can build on that motif to create a cohesive collection.”

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