Precious Posts Designer of the Month: Cherie Dori

  • Name: Cherie Dori
  • Title: Jewelry designer
  • Organization: Cherie Dori Jewelry

cher2Precious Posts is proud to bring you a world-renowned jewelry designer each month. For May, we’re pleased to introduce you to Cherie Dori. Read on to learn what makes Cherie Dori jewelry so special.

When you see jewelry from Cherie Dori, it’s easy to see the intrinsic poetry in each piece. That’s no accident; as the designer, Nelly Cohen, says she starts with the words.

“My biggest passion is words,” says Nelly. “I love poetry and the written word. When I started this company, I was taking French Literature classes.” Nelly has degrees in French literature and also art history; both come together to help her create Cherie Dori’s beautiful designs.

Nelly loves the world of design. “I’m always wondering what my next collection will be.” Nelly’s collections have descriptive yet meaningful names; Starfish Garden, Mardi Gras, Two to Tango, Dreams of Midnight, Obliques, Brocadero, Cosmos and Placido, to name a few of the many.

It takes a while for the next collection to materialize, a process that Nelly has been through time and time again. “I look for a subject. What will the collection be? Sometimes it’s a surprise. Our customers love the description of the jewelry in words, as well as the actual piece.

Cherie 1Nelly’s design process connects the words and poetry to the design. Parts of the process come easy to her. “There are no rules to follow,” says Nelly, who revels in that freedom as she creates her collections.

When asked about designing in metals, Nelly loves them all. Her favorite? “Gold. It’s expensive and luxurious,” she says. She’s also working on an upscale collection in silver and gold for the near future.

Nelly lives in Israel and the United States with her husband. “My husband, Shimon, is an engineer. I’ve learned a lot from him; we collaborate. I like it when the jewelry is done right.” And done right it is, with Nelly’s design creativity and her husband’s business and organizational skills.

Where did the company’s name come from? Cherie (sweet in French) Dori, the eldest of the three children in Nelly’s family, was the inspiration for the name Cherie Dori.

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