Precious Posts Designer of the Month: Arman Sarkisyan

  • Name: Arman Sarkisyan
  • Title: Jewelry designer
  • Organization: Arman Sarkisyan Jewelry

Precious Posts is proud to bring you a world renowned jewelry designer each month. For March, we’re pleased to introduce you to Arman Sarkisyan. Read on to learn what makes Arman Sarkisyan jewelry so special.

Arman Sarkisyan has jewelry artistry running through his blood. From a young age, Arman watched in awe as his father – a master jeweler in Armenia and Russia with a career spanning 53 years – meticulously honed his craft. “I started early,” said Arman, who still occasionally works side-by-side with his father.

Arman became fascinated with the concept of jewelry as wearable art: a tangible expression of one’s imagination, influence, and inspiration. Arman’s jewelry brilliantly juxtaposes old-world technique and modern aesthetic. Working in rich 22kt gold, oxidized silver, diamonds, and bright gemstones, Arman uses methods from a bygone era, like hand-engraving, to achieve a superior level of intricacy.

“I always work with pure metals,” says Arman. “I work with sterling silver, 22 karat gold and platinum. Each has a vivid color; I love the colors. The oxidized silver I use produces a really wonderful color.”

Each piece of Arman’s is hand-fabricated in Los Angeles, CA, from concept to completion. From one-of-a-kind masterpieces to everyday wardrobe essentials, there is an emotional element present in each and every one of his pieces. They are modern heirlooms.

Arman’s influences have changed through the years. His earlier influences included gothic, Russian renaissance and byzantine. “Lately, though, I’ve been influence by art deco,” says Arman.

Arman Sarkisyan arrived in the US in 1990 and debuted his jewelry in 2004 to outstanding praise and numerous accolades. An award winning designer, today Arman enjoys a strong following and is adored by visionaries, tastemakers, and Hollywood’s elite.

Arman currently resides in Los Angeles in a house full of artists and thinkers; his wife Louiza is his partner and muse. His hope for the future of his jewelry? “I hope my son will have the interest in jewelry as well.”

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