Precious Posts Designer of the Month: Alex Sepkus

  • Name: Alex Sepkus
  • Title: Jewelry designer

Precious Posts is proud to bring you a world renowned jewelry designer each month. For February, we’re pleased to acquaint you with Alex Sepkus. Read on to learn what makes Alex Sepkus jewelry so special.

“Alex Sepkus is rather different. Things that most of us would barely notice are observed and absorbed by him in a way that transforms the otherwise boring or irrelevant into objects of art and adornment.”

Alex’s journey as a jeweler is as unique as his hand-crafted jewelry. Born in Lithuania, Alex received political asylum from the Soviet Union (which was occupying his home country) in 1988. He was making one-of-a-kind jewelry there and expanded his work in New York City.

Alex had an idea to produce fine jewelry work, made efficiently by his craftspeople and retaining the handmade quality of his jewelry. It’s a process he still uses in New York City today.

“He’s a most unique designer,” says Jeffrey Feero, managing partner at Alex Sepkus. “Most designers put pencil to paper or use a computer or staff to lay out designs. Alex directly designs, in freehand, with gems. It’s a pure interpretation, mind-to-hand-to-piece. No middle man.”

Nothing is off-limits to Alex’s creative brain. He works in yellow gold, rose gold and platinum and a vast array of gemstones, “the more the better. The gemstone world moves through our offices and we are always on the lookout for the very best stones for Alex’s designs. Alex loves bizarre/unusual gemstones, and of course, very fine gems.”

Alex Sepkus jewelry is proudly made in New York City. “The talent pool of jewelers that comes through our offices is  pretty amazing,” says Jeffrey. “In the past, other places outside the U.S. could produce designs for less money, but the US has caught up.”

And why do customers love Alex Sepkus jewelry? “I think it’s some sort of secret language,” says Jeffrey. “We have a great diversity in our clients and those that love his work are crazy for it. I think they’ve tapped into some covert conversation about the aesthetic of the piece; it’s as if Alex talk to them through his designs.”

It’s been recommend that one view Alex Sepkus designs with a magnifying glass to fully appreciate his minute attention to details. But with a magnifying glass, or without, his unique designs certainly stand out from the crowd.

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