PORTS 1961 presents the No. 10 Bag

Ports 1961 presents the No. 10 Bag, an iconic piece from the maison’s first line of handbags and tribute to the item the brand built its empire on, the No. 10 Blouse.

In 1961, founder Luke Tanabe designed a collection to empower working women in a world still dominated by men; his idea was to create an essential white shirt in Egyptian cotton that was able to highlight a woman’s character whilst maintaining the rigour of the times.

As he often referred to his wife as “a perfect 10” (an American expression meaning a perfect score, i.e. 10 out of 10) he called his creation the “No. 10” Blouse, dedicating it to his wife and to the “celebration of the unique perfections in every woman”.

Today, the brand’s creative director, Fiona Cibani, has taken inspiration from the clean lines and elegance of the No. 10 Blouse and created the first Ports 1961 handbag collection. The collection, aptly named the No. 10 Bag is a 5-model line that is set to debut for FW 14/15. Made entirely in Italy from the finest leather, the No. 10 Bag is a minimalist horizontal shopper with special rib stitching framing the form along with the circular insert and dappled leather on the side.

The functional interior is embellished with a maxi-brass zip, echoed in the pyramid shaped applications and adding a glint to its profile. The contrasting lining reflects the colour palette for the season and the numerous details make it a truly unique creation.

For the international launch of the No. 10 Bag, Fiona Cibani created a limited edition in on-trend dusty pink. This exclusive collection was gifted only to the world’s top celebrities and VIPs, including renowned Hong Kong celebrities such as Gigi Leung, Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung, Lynn Xiong, Charlie Yeung and Karen Mok.

The No. 10 Bag in other various colours will be available in October.

(Source: PORTS 1961)