Porsche Design Unveil Solid Gold Fountain Pen

pd_solid_schreibgeraet_gold (1)A brand usually more synonymous with cars, Porsche Design has unveiled a limited edition solid gold fountain pen.

The limited P’3135 Solid Gold Fountain Pen is milled out of a single piece of solid pure 14-/585 carat gold,  topped with a 18-/740 carat gold nib. Its sleek silhouette highlights its aesthetic and elegance, with the Porsche Design brand logo being discretely engraved on the surface.

Designed in Austria, the fountain pen also features an innovatively concealed mechanism, hidden in the shaft finished with 14-/585 carat gold coating. With gentle pressure the end can be unscrewed, allowing the mechanism to then be removed and filled with ink.

From mid-April, the Porsche Design P’3135 Solid Gold Limited Edition will be available in selected Porsche Design Stores and will retail for $26,000.