Palm Bracelets: Fine Jewelry’s New Arabian Trend

Looking for new ways to make your hand sparkle? You may think there’s nothing more to add to your already overflowing jewelry collection, but a hot new trend has been emerging over this past year: the palm bracelet.

The Middle Eastern style has been led by fine jewelers Gaydamak and Fenton and been worn by everyone from Salma Hayek – who wore Gaydamak’s Snake Hand Bracelet to a recent movie premiere (pictured) – to Nicole Scherzinger, Nina Garcia and Alicia Keys.

Worn just beneath the knuckles on the widest part of the hand, this may not be the most practical of trends – but there’s no denying it’s a fun and fresh look. We just love Gaydamak’s delicate koral bracelet in white gold and diamonds (pictured), which has a lace-like design that creates pretty peepholes on the skin and elongates the hand. Time to take a trip down into Aladdin’s cave, rub a golden lamp and make a wish!

Salma Hayek wears Gaydamak’s Snake Hand Bracelet