Most Expensive Travel Gadgets


From mini projectors to Swarovski embellished headphones, the latest travel gadgets that have made their way on to the scene this year promise efficiency, reliability, convenience and style.

You’ll be able to pack your bags with peace of mind knowing that you’ll never lose your luggage again thanks to Trakdot – an electronic tracking device. Using cellular technology, Trakdot automatically switches off during take-off only and notifies you of its location once landed.

Lose yourself in your music while on board your flight with the Bose Noise Cancelling Earphones – perfect for blocking out pretty much anything, be it children crying or the drone of aircraft road noise. The latest Kindle device from Amazon is also sure to keep you entertained during your flight with its 300 ppi display and long lasting battery life.

Finally, while you’re busy seeing the sights, you’ll be able to take your phone photography to the next level with the Olloclip – a 4-in-1 detachable camera lens which allows you to capture fish eye, wide angle and macro shots.

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