Michael Aram launches Michael Aram Jewelry

Internationally acclaimed artist and designer Michael Aram announces the launch of his first fine jewelry collection. Best known for his iconic home and decorative pieces, the jewelry,  in sterling silver and 18-karat gold ignited with diamonds and colourful gemstones, will debut at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Michael Aram’s flagship store in August of 2014.

A noted American sculptor, Michael Aram dreams in metal. For over twenty-five years he has honed his metallurgist techniques to create his signature sculpted designs in precious metals, which capture the beauty, significance, and whimsy of nature.

Like his celebrated decorative arts collection, Michael Aram Jewelry is created with age-old techniques and imbued with a soulful quality that reflects the hand of the artist. His work elevates craft into art, making any occasion more special. Inspired objects, his jewelry will express the refined sensibilities of the extraordinary women who wear them.

With his fine jewelry, Michael Aram invites you to enter an enchanted world where twigs entwine wrists, wine caress fingers and feathers take flight on ears. Earrings make every sound sweeter. Bracelets deepen every embrace. Metals glisten, gems explode with brilliance.

Michael Aram draws inspiration from nature which is seamlessly echoed in his jewelry. There is beauty in a botanical leaf necklace sparkling with diamonds or an earrings glistening with amethyst. Poetry is in a feather cuff on the wrist, in blackened silver, or a twisted twig bracelet with dew drops of blue topaz. The allure of an orchid ring opening up to reveal pink sapphires cannot go unnoticed.

“For me there is inherent symbolic meaning in my choice of motifs and materials,” explains Michael Aram. “Nature offers limitless design inspiration. My vision is to share the gift of nature with my collectors through something personal they can wear and cherish every day.”

Michael Aram Jewelry will premier with an impressive assortment of necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings in sterling silver and 18 karat gold, with price ranging from $250 – $15,000.

(Source: Michael Aram)