The Menswear Designers Finding Inspiration in Travel

23rd February 2018 // By Kristen Shirley

This story originally appeared in the Elite Traveler Luxury Escapes Edition 2017/2018.

From Costa Rica to South Korea, designers have pulled inspiration from pieces as varied as metallic woven bracelets and indigenous patterns.


Leading the charge in the men’s jewelry world, and providing a very persuasive argument, co-founder and creative director of Shamballa mads Kornerup lives and perfectly epitomizes the lifestyle of his brand. mixing mysticism, rock and roll, and luxury, his pieces can be seen on executives, rappers and royalty who cherish the spiritual side of life.

Inspiration Kathmandu – “Kathmandu has this ancient oral wisdom that has been handed down for thousands of years. You feel this energy, wisdom and ancient magic in the city. There are pilgrimage places, and when you get into those, away from the traffic, you just transcend into another time. The only word I can give to that is magic. I believe that what I do in Shamballa is magic. And the whole mantra, the meaning of Shamballa is overcoming all fear. For that, you need some magic and ancient wisdom. And that you will get in Kathmandu.”

Favorite Hotel Dwarika’s Hotel

Must-Do Activities Meditation and yoga

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