Meder USA Science: Advanced Skincare Products

Founded in 2009 by cosmetic expert, Dr Tiina Orasmae-Meder, Meder USA develops highly effective premium skincare products. Meder USA Science specialises in cosmeceutical treatments pioneering the latest advances in biotechnological ingredients.

Since then, the brand and range have been continually rising in value and reputation across many countries, such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and most Scandinavian and eastern European countries. Indeed they have revisited the range of products in terms of Science facials giving them even more efficiency and visibility after the first care. They offer 5 non-invasive facial treatments as an alternative to Botox injections :

– Myo-Fix : Wrinkle relaxation, lifting, deep hydration and an overall rejuvenating effect

– Eu Seb : For acne prone skin

– Hydra Fill : Deep hydration, skin smoothing and wrinkle filling effect

– Lipo-Oval : Correction of “second chin” and fat deposits of the face and neck, lifting and brightening effects

– Arma-Lift : Correction of static wrinkles and age-related changes of the skin, brightening, lifting, deep hydration and an overall rejuvenating effect.

In addition, since this year the range of 14 retails products are available to improve the treatment at home. The homecare range is based on the new classification of skin types, used in genetic research, with unique products that can create a unique care tailored to each person.

Indeed this range presents a highly effective skincare regime for improving and maintaining skin health. As well as correcting existing skin damage, it also protects healthy skin from environmental factors and nourishes the skin with biologically active nutrients for a youthful glowing complexion.

Retails products list :

Cleansing and preparation of the skin : Daily Care :

Crème Nrj-Net Derma-Fill

Gel Net-Apax Crème Arma-Derm

Masque Enzy-Peel Crème Equa-Derm

Sérum Nrj-Soin Crème Salva-Derm

Sérum Soin-Apax Crème Blepharo-Day

Crème Blepharo-Night

Activ Care :

– Concentré Myo-Fix – Masque Myo-Fix

– Concentre Lipo Oval – Masque Lipo-Oval

– Concentre Arma Lift – Masque Arma-Lift

– Concentre Hydra-Fill – Masque Hydra-Fill

– Concentre Eu-Seb – Masque Eu-Seb

844-4OK- SKIN (844-465-7546)