Material Matters

Roger Dubuis’ SIHH reveals are eagerly anticipated in the watch community, with everyone wondering what tradition he is going to turn on its head.

Roger Dubuis

The Excalibur Quatuor CobaltMicroMelt is not entirely new, but the updates are bold and exciting. The big news is the material used in the case, bezel, case back and crown, a cobalt chrome alloy used in aeronautics and this year making its horology debut. Through a patented MicroMelt process, alloys are melted and atomized into a powder using a high-pressure stream of gas, it then undergoes several additional procedures before Roger Dubuis processes the unique material.

It is corrosion-resistant and very durable, and the process allows previously impossible combinations of materials. It uses the RD101 caliber with its namesake four balance wheels set in the corners at 45° angles, which counter the effects of gravity on the movement. The chrome, blue and red color scheme is sporty and unique. While the original Excalibur Quatuor was released four years ago, so few have been made that you are unlikely to run into anyone wearing one.

Limited to eight pieces, $350,000, Roger Dubuis in New York,Marko Obrenovic, +1 212 651 3773,