King Fook Jewelry – Myth of Precious

King Fook jewelleryAccording to the myth originated from ancient Northern Europe, rainbows only appear when gods descend from heaven. Obviously, the splendid spectrum of rainbow never fails to amaze us since ancient times; yet, such mythical glamour seems unreachable.

Launched this year by King Fook Jewelry, the ‘Myth of Precious’ Collection is an attempt to convey that unreachable beauty into your hands and break the indestructible barrier between the earthly and the heavenly.

‘Myth of Precious’ features the application of halo setting with a center Solasfera diamond on each piece – an arrangement that enhances the visual effect of the center diamond by means of encircling it with smaller ones, creating the illusion of gathering the seven rainbow colors right in your hand.

And the Solasfera, available only at King Fook in town, is renowned of its 91-facet cut which endows the brilliant diamond with the exceptional 10 hearts and 10 arrows optical symmetry. The collection is comprised of an 18K gold necklace, a ring and a set of ear rings.

Representing some of the most magnificent choices, they promise infinite and exceptional enchantment and can make you remarkably stylish.

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