Wellendorff’s Ring Of The Year Unveiled

Ring of the year 2014 I wish you luckOnly 214 of German jeweler Wellendorff’s Ring Of The Year will be available when it goes on sale 1 December 2013.

The 2014 Ring Of The Year, the “I Wish You Luck” ring, is designed to symbolize grandiose events. For its wearer, the ring will be a constant reminder of one moment of magical enchantment that makes the year of 2014 an unforgettable one. And just as good luck constantly flows in streams and rivulets through and around our lives, so, too, does the Ring Of The Year, just like all Wellendorff rings, spin and weave its velvety way around the finger.

Embedded in purple-colored cold enamel and hallmarked with the unmistakable Diamond W and the year of 2014, this Ring Of The Year is testament to the perfect artistic craftsmanship and fine traditions of the Wellendorff master goldsmiths.

It is therefore no surprise that the “I Wish You Luck” Ring Of The Year for 2014 will find its place in a very exclusive group of collector’s items. Every year since 1997 Wellendorff has presented a limited edition piece, the Ring Of The Year – an extraordinary designer range where one particular concept is mirrored in the shape of a ring.

The rings are numbered and the amount of the limited edition pieces is tailored to suit the year in question – only 214 women worldwide will be able to stand out in the crowd and sparkle with the 2014 ring.